Stock Market Expectations: A Wake-up Call For Newer Investors

The stock market returns are far from consistent. As such, if you happened to first start investing in a time of huge growth, you may be led to falsely believe that is the norm. Yet, as any seasoned veteran investor will tell you, the market goes through long ups and downs. Consider this horror case:Continue reading “Stock Market Expectations: A Wake-up Call For Newer Investors”

On The Merits of Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is astrology for men.  Attempting to predict future asset prices based on past prices and data, is equivalent to predicting how successful a relationship will be based on star signs. 1. Humans recognize patterns, even when there are none.  There’s a name for this, pareidolia, which is defined as: the tendency for perceptionContinue reading “On The Merits of Technical Analysis”

Ethereum: Centralized Scam & The Future of Ponzi Meme Pyramid Schemes 

Ethereum is a centralized scam, and the future of Ponzi memes. This isn’t to say you can’t make money from ETH. However, there is some risk to getting involved in the largest Ponzi scheme facilitator the world has ever seen. Pre-mine: Ethereum’s launch misled investors by suggesting there was merely a 12 million gifted pre-mine, butContinue reading “Ethereum: Centralized Scam & The Future of Ponzi Meme Pyramid Schemes “