Stock Market Expectations: A Wake-up Call For Newer Investors

The stock market returns are far from consistent. As such, if you happened to first start investing in a time of huge growth, you may be led to falsely believe that is the norm. Yet, as any seasoned veteran investor will tell you, the market goes through long ups and downs. Consider this horror case:Continue reading “Stock Market Expectations: A Wake-up Call For Newer Investors”

Do Work You Hate To Do, But Do It Like You Love it

Let me tell you a secret… When I go to the gym, I’m often not the hardest worker there. I sometimes leave earlier than people who came to train before me. I get lapped on the track, even by people I could beat in a race. I do embarrassingly short workouts.  Yet I’m in veryContinue reading “Do Work You Hate To Do, But Do It Like You Love it”

How to Minimize Your Regrets in Life, According to Science

Explore-Exploit Tradeoff There’s something called the Explore-Exploit Tradeoff. Simply put, it’s the dilemma of whether you should choose what you know (‘exploit’) or choose something you aren’t sure about and possibly learn more (‘explore’). For example, should you go to your favorite restaurant, or try a new place that may become your new favorite? MyContinue reading “How to Minimize Your Regrets in Life, According to Science”

Brands Are Not Friends

Businesses are driven by money. Humans are driven by sociality. This gap is bridged when brands pretend to be your friend. Personification, mascots and community are all avenues to extract money from customers.  Fake wokeness Brands tailor their outward political stances to maximise profits. Companies attempt to appear woke in order to attract customers andContinue reading “Brands Are Not Friends”

Best Mindset: Optimism vs. Pessimism vs. Realism

“The glass is half full,” says the optimist. “The glass is half empty,” says the pessimist. The realist says the glass is actually completely full, filled halfway with air and halfway with water. I like to see the glass as half full, preferably of Jack Daniels.  Technically the “half full or half empty” question isContinue reading “Best Mindset: Optimism vs. Pessimism vs. Realism”

Contradicting Proverbs And Their Truths.

Opposites attract Birds of a feather flock together The early bird gets the worm The second mouse gets the cheese Offence is the best defence He who lives by the sword dies by the sword Absence makes the heart grow fonder Out of sight, out of mind Do unto others as you would have othersContinue reading “Contradicting Proverbs And Their Truths.”

Optimizing Your Online Dating Profile

This is the secret sauce, science-based guide on optimizing your online dating profile. Photos Photos obviously have the largest impact on online dating success. In one survey, good photos are considered more important than any other aspect of online dating profiles [0]. Moreover, In a study of online dating, the correlation between physical attractiveness andContinue reading “Optimizing Your Online Dating Profile”

How Intermittent Reinforcement Runs Our Daily Lives

We’ve all heard about positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement; the idea of rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior. This is operant conditioning, wherein the strength of a behavior is modified by reward or punishment. There’s another type of reinforcement that is particularly manipulative and addictive, called intermittent, or random, reinforcement. This is based onContinue reading “How Intermittent Reinforcement Runs Our Daily Lives”

On The Merits of Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is astrology for men.  Attempting to predict future asset prices based on past prices and data, is equivalent to predicting how successful a relationship will be based on star signs. 1. Humans recognize patterns, even when there are none.  There’s a name for this, pareidolia, which is defined as: the tendency for perceptionContinue reading “On The Merits of Technical Analysis”